Proflex 32 oz
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Proflex 32 oz

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Active Ingredients:  Lambda-Cyhalothrin.......3.88%



 One of the best products on the market for controlling mosquitoes, Proflex is a microencapsulated concentrate containing Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Novaluron, and Pyriproxyfen.  These 3 active ingredients provide 3 modes of action that make Proflex your fast-acting and long-lasting solution for several hard to control pests including cockroaches, fleas, ticks, and of course, mosquitoes!

 The Combination Chemistry contains an adulticide and 2 IGRs (one killing agent and 2 growth inhibitors).

  • Breaks the life cycle of insect reproduction to control fleas, stored product pests, cockroaches, mosquitoes, lone star ticks, and other listed pests.
  • Low odor
  • For indoor/outdoor use
  • Can be used in standard pump-up sprayers, hose-end sprayers, and mist blowers.
  • The quart sized container will make up to 32 gallons of solution.  Can treat up to 32,000 square feet in a hose-end sprayer.

What do the two different IGRs do?

 Pyriproxyfen is a juvenile hormone analog.  It regulates growth and metamorphosis for eggs and larvae.  The juvenile hormone analog disrupts reproduction, which prevents the insects from growing into adults.

Novaluron is a chitin synthesis inhibitor.  Immature insects that come into contact with this ingredient lose the ability to harden the exoskeleton and die.

With both of these IGRs in Proflex, it has the ability to control many insects.

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