Ramik® Green Bait Packs - 16 ct.
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Ramik® Green Bait Packs - 16 ct.

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Active Ingredient: Diphacinone......0.005%

Ramik® Green Bait Packs are a fish-flavored, weather-resistant rodenticide for control of mice and rats in both indoor and outdoor situations. 

Ramik (Diphacinone) is a very good, inexpensive, multi-feed rodent killer. Rodents typically need to get 2-3 feedings of this active ingredient before they ingest a lethal dosage. So be sure to replace what is eaten so the rodents have the opportunity to eat as often as possible (They will often come back to the same place to feed where they previously ate). And they leave scents and pheromones near the feeding source so other rodents can find the bait as well.

Ramik kills rats, mice and meadow voles, as well as other rodents. Mold and moisture resistant. 

Bait stations are mandatory for outdoor, above-ground use. Use tamper resistant bait stations if children, pets, non-target mammals or birds may access the bait. We suggest using the Protecta Rat Bait Stations or the B&G Rodent Cafe Stations.

1 pouch contains 16 individual place packs of rodenticide pellets.

Cannot ship to HI, AK or WA.

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