Rat Glue Trays
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Rat Glue Trays

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Non-poisonous traps for capturing rats, mice and reptiles. Simply place glue boards in areas where pests are known to frequent.
The use of glue traps enables you to control pests without toxic baits and poisons that can harm pets and children. 2 Traps per pack. Case of 48 traps also available.

Certain commercial accounts such as food processing plants and restaurants do not allow the use of rodenticides or snap traps in the control of rats and mice.
Glue trays and glue traps have to be used wherever snap traps or rat and mouse baits are forbidden.

Rat glue trays (so called because they have plastic backing instead of paper or cardboard) are sold in pairs and in cases.  Each case contains 48 glue trays.
Not shipped to AK, HI.

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