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4 Lb. container of snake repellent. Active Ingredients: Naphthalene...7.0%, Sulfur...28.0%. Also available in 28 pound container. Four pounds of Snake-A-Way will treat 200 linear feet.
Cannot be shipped to AK, CA, HI, WA.

Snake Away is for outdoor use, ONLY.

Naphthalene alone can repel snakes but in its most common form (moth balls, moth crystals) it cannot hold up to the elements, dissipating quickly in a matter of days.
Sulfur (used alone) is an irritant to snakes, which can put a snake in a nasty mood - especially if the sulfur gets in between its scales.
Dr. T has found the best combination: 7% Naphthalene, 28% Sulfur impregnated on a carrier which binds the two ingredients together, giving the granules more snake repelling power and a longer life.
Snake-A-Way granules can continue to repel snakes for one to three months.
A frightened snake will crawl over just about anything to escape a threat but, under normal circumstances, most snakes do not like this repellent.
Available in 4 Lb. bag or case of 6 bags.

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