The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand)
The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand)
The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand)
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The Pantry Pest Trap (Safer Brand)

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Are you seeing little moths in your house, specifically in the kitchen/pantry area?  There's a good chance that they are meal moths:  moths that breed in stored food products.  We usually bring these home with us from grocery stores, not knowing that there is a problem until they start hatching out and roaming around our homes.


The Safer Brand Pantry Pest Trap is great for controlling these moths.  They attract and trap the adult moths using a pheromone, especially targeting the male moths (you can't have any more reproducing without the males).

  • Each box comes with 2 traps and 2 lures
  • Each trap covers up to 400 square feet and can last up to 3 months
  • These traps can be used as a monitor (to see if you have a problem) or to control an existing problem

Do NOT use more than one trap in a room.  Multiple pheromones can confuse the moths and they might not be able to find them.  Use one trap at a time, and if/when it feels up, replace it with the other trap.  If you do not use the 2nd trap, just store it and save it for another time (hopefully, you won't need them again).


If a problem seems like it is pretty bad (seeing LOTS of moths), you can also use Gentrol Aerosol.  It is a growth inhibitor with a crack and crevice straw.  Great for spraying areas where crumbs of food might unknowingly fall (around edges of shelving).  CB 80 can also be used for quick-kill knockdowns.  It doesn't leave a residual after it dries, but it will kill any insect that comes in direct contact with it.

Using traps and spraying may not totally eliminate your pantry moth problem.  Always try to locate the source of the problem and remove it from your house.  There may be young moths that haven't hatched yet still in the source (very likely).  Once you remove the source(s) and catch the moths with your trap, you should be done with the problem.


Look for the moths in items like:  Flour, corn meal, pasta, dried dog and cat food, bird seed, cocoa powder, spices, dried flower arrangements, oatmeal, potpourri, rice, and all dried pre-packaged food.