Zenprox Aerosol
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Zenprox Aerosol

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Zenprox Aerosol has been discontinued.  It is replaced with a newer (and better) product called Zenprox Xtend Aerosol.  Each can contains 5 more ounces and they added a 5th ingredient (methoprene)!


Active Ingredients: 

Etofenprox 1.00%, Tetramethrin 0.50%,
Piperonyl Butoxide 1.50%,
Pyrethrin 0.15%
Zoecon's Zeprox Aerosol is a premium insecticide for use in getting rid of bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and other listed pests.  Main active ingredient (Etofenprox) is same ingredient found in Zenprox concentrated insecticide, which is often used for insecticide resistant cockroaches, fleas and bed bugs.
This is a non-repellent botanical - pyrethroid insecticide aerosol.

Cannot be shipped to AK, CT, HI, WA.

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