Zenprox Xtend Aerosol
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Zenprox Xtend Aerosol

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Active Ingredients:




          Piperonyl Butoxide.....1.50%



Use to control bed bugs, carpet beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, pantry pests, silverfish, spiders, ticks, Argentine ants, carpenter ants, fleas, wasps, and more.


The newest broad-spectrum spray from Zoecon, Zenprox Xtend is an indoor and outdoor aerosol.  Combining insecticidal active ingredients, including etofenprox, with an insect growth regulator (methoprene, which stops the life cycle of listed pests), Zenprox Xtend quickly kills more than 25 labeled adult insects.  With features like flexible delivery options, including a crack-and-crevice actuator and System III compatibility, Zenprox Xtend provides pest management professionals with a powerful all-in-one solution to extend the reach of their protocols.


Use Zenprox Xtend at a rate of 16 oz per 500 square feet for most insects.  For fleas and ticks, use at a rate of 1oz per 125 square feet (a 21 oz can will treat up to 2625 square feet).


For more info on Zenprox Xtend Aerosol, please check out the product label.

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